Indiana University’s Business Research Center projects that Hamilton County’s population will exceed Allen County (including Fort Wayne) by 2030. By 2050, the County’s population is projected to more than double from the 2010 census making Hamilton County the second most populous county in Indiana.

With growth comes both opportunity and challenge.
Christine Altman and her fellow Hamilton County Commissioners have and will continue to strategically invest in capital projects anticipating growth, inflation and the projected cost of delay. The Commissioners analyze past and current data to project a minimum 20year window when designing and building capital projects. The Commissioners have and will continue to take advantage of favorable interest rates and favorable building costs to stay ahead of inflation. Given the high cost and limited availability of real estate, the Commissioners master plan available sites to maximize building sites and reserve buildable areas to meet future needs.

Quality of Life

Hamilton County’s continued success will be dependent upon the quality of its schools, public safety, public infrastructure, place making, and private investment. Although many of those factors are outside of the jurisdiction and control of the county, it doesn’t mean that the county or the Commissioners cannot be influential. Cooperation, strategic investment, and vision by all leaders in the county have been key to the success of Hamilton County and its municipalities.

Hamilton County has one of the most impressive county park systems in the state largely due to the support of the Commissioners.

Hamilton County Commissioners play an essential role in working with the Metropolitan Planning Organization in the coordination of the overall transportation grid, bridges, and connectivity. Maintaining county jurisdiction on key county thoroughfares such as 146th Street has been extremely important to assure that the road continues to function as designed. Maintenance of existing roads and bridges with continued inspection and scheduled investment is as important, if not more important, as new projects. The county must continue to seek out state and federal dollars to leverage local dollars. The county needs to continue to explore transit opportunities as the county’s population grows.

Christine Altman has proud to serve with her other two commissioners all have offered their unique skill sets in managing the growth and direction of Hamilton County. Altman will continue to advocate and support investment in infrastructure projects for public safety, court, parks, and transportation systems.